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The IPC provides training materials for electronics assembly, printed circuit board fabrication and new technologies in the industry.

 Download the latest IPC Training Catalogue (pdf 956Kb

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Aimed at personnel who are new to fabrication IPC provide a range of videos that are specifically aimed at new personnel. These include IPC-VT-52, Printed Circuit Overview and IPC-VT-22, Introduction to PWB Fabrication which are the perfect starting blocks.
Also provided are overviews on basic multilayer, double sided and flexible fabrication plus a video on bare board handling.


IPC-VT-9 Safety in PWB manufacturing covers highlights the need for personal responsibility to safety regarding clothing and hair. Also discussed is safety equipment.

IPC-VT-10, Chemical Safety in PWB Manufacturing covering the hazardous nature of many chemicals in manufacturing and students will learn how to mix, store, dispose of and transport these kind of chemicals.

 Multilayer Fabrication
Innerlayer handling is the primary cause of multilayer defects. IPC-VT-81/87, Innerlayer Handling Series is a set of seven videos that explains the theory of each process and identifies all the common handling errors that can effect the quality of the final end product.

Other areas covers include liquid photo-imageable solder mask and final bare board electrical testing.

 Double-Sided Board Fabrication
An 18 tape training series explaining the individual processes for double-sided, pattern-plate PWB fabrication.

All videos are available separately and cover subjects such as laminates, material preparation, tooling and registration and drilling plus many more.

IPC-CD-30/31 Microsection Evaluation Training on CD Rom covers the complete microsection evaluation process in five sections. Also covered thoroughly is the measurement of the plated through-hole, the various platings and laminates as well as etching and the effects of thermal stressing. Plus comprehensive instruction on the measurement of both metal and laminate structures. Also available on video.

Videos are also available focusing on manual and automation preperation of microsections.

 Photos and Illustrations / Image Resources
By using IPC-CD-B1, PCB Fabrication - Clip Art Graphics will help improve the quality of training and the retention span of your students.

Other resources available are slide sets on multilayer fabrication and microsection.

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