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 Circuit Repair Training Kit
Circuit Repair Training Kit
This special training kit includes everything needed to learn and practice how to repair damage of all types to circuit boards. The kit covers all types of procedures including repair and replacement of plated through holes, lands, circuit tracks, surface mount pads, gold contacts, base board, solder mask and many others.

Note: For small (under .040 wide) surface mounts and BGA pads the Circuit Bonding System is recommended to more precisely control the bonding force.

Applications - Kit includes materials to learn various IPC repair procedures.

Features and Benefits
  • Excellent training aids - familiar equipment helps you be a better instructor
  • Productive - makes best use of class time
  • Industry approved - meets IPC guidelines
  • Compact - all materials in handy carrying case
  • Complete - includes 200-page Guidebook with step-by-step instructions

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