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The IPC provides training materials for electronics assembly, printed circuit board fabrication and new technologies in the industry.

 Download the latest IPC Training Catalogue (pdf 956Kb)

 Preview all of IPC's videos, CD's, DVD's, Desk Reference Manuals and Posters over the internet


The training materials in this section are aimed at introducing electronics assembly to novice or non technical personnel. IPC-DRM-53, (Preview Table of Contents 739Kb) Overview of Electronics Assembly Desk Reference Manual is our best selling item along with its video equivalent IPC-VT-53, Overview of Electronics Assembly.
Safety within any facility is vital and ensuring employees are fully aware of the dangers can reduce accidents, personal injury and equipment damage. IPC-VT-11, General Safety in Electronics Assembly covers clothing, hair plus introduces MSDS and HazMat.

IPC-DVD-66C, The Seven Sins of Safety in Electronics Assembly with Training Certification allows you to train and certify to IPC ensuring the retention is maximised but will also remind employees of how important safety is as well as eliminating bad habits.

Other videos available in this area include IPC-VT-24, Handling in Electronics Assembly, IPC-VT-57, Stockroom and Distribution and IPC-VT-46, Introduction to Mechanical Assembly of Electronics Hardware.

 Hand Soldering

IPC-CD-42/43, Hand Soldering for Through-Hole Components identifies theories, common practices and materials that are fundamental in producing high quality workmanship. Available on video, CD or DVD this training is now available with certification.
This ensures student retention and therefore a full understanding. IPC-CD-49, Seven sins of Hand Soldering, as one of our best sellers, is for the more experienced engineer. It's designed to prevent costly errors and unnecessary rework.

Other topics covered in this section include IPC-VT-36, Hand Soldering using Low Residue Flux and IPC-VT-14, Hand Soldering Terminals.

 Component Identification

IPC-DRM-18G, (Preview Table of Contents 1,259Kb) Component Identification Desk Reference Manual allows operators to have a convenient resource at their workstation. IPC-DRM-18 is supported by IPC-VT-64C, Component ID Training with Certification.
This provides the perfect opportunity to recognise your employees and demonstrate that your company are dedicated to standardised, technically accurate workforce development. Now available IPC-ER-18, Electronic Reference for Through-hole and SMT component ID.

 IPC-A-610 Training and Reference

Inspection aids provide operators easy to reference quality criteria.

IPC-DRM-PTH-D, (Preview Table of Contents 881Kb) Through-Hole Solder Joint Evaluation Training & Reference Guide and IPC-DRM-SMT-D, (Preview Table of Contents 693Kb) Surface Mount Joint Evaluation Training & Reference Guide are the ideal companions for even the most experienced engineer.
Inspection aids also include posters for through-hole and SMT. (Preview the posters here - IPC-P-SMTL-2/3, (Preview Table of Contents 216Kb) SMT inspection & IPC-PTHL-2/3, (Preview Table of Contents 145Kb) Through-hole inspection).

Other inspection aids available include the entire workmanship standards from IPC-A-610 on CD Rom (EWS-610) plus training videos on solder joint evaluation for SMT and through-hole.

 ESD Control

Prevent ESD build up and costly damage with IPC's range of ESD training. Now available with certification IPC's ESD training is available on video and interactive CD Rom. Titles include IPC-VT-54C, ESD Control for Operator Certification.
IPC-DVD-78C, Seven Sins of ESD is a reminder for engineers of the dangers and pit falls of ESD and is available with Training Certification. ESD training is also available for non-manufacturing personnel (IPC-VT-76) and material handlers (IPC-VT-77)

 Rework & Repair
The repair section focuses on land & conductor repair with IPC-VT-97a/b and plated through hole repair with IPC-VT-97C.
IPC-VT-41, Through-Hole Rework is a complete guide which includes reasons for avoiding rework as well as correct practices, tools and materials.

A 6 part series covers surface mount. Beginning with IPC-VT-91, Introduction to SMT Rework. Videos IPC-VT-92 to IPC-VT-94 cover chip, gull wing and j-lead components and IPC-VT-95 covers rework stations and IPC-VT-96 covers BGA's.

 Through-Hole Process
IPC-DVD-PTH-CK, Through Hole Solder Joint Workmanship Standards with Training Certification allows you to train your operators and inspectors in the critical surface mount solder joint requirements from IPC-A-610C / J-STD-001C. This excellent DVD allows chapter navigation and testing.

IPC-VT-27, Introduction to Through-Hole Assembly aimed at beginners is a useful education aid. Covering theory and practices for through-hole processes

Other items available include IPC-VT-44, Component Preparation and Manual Insertion and IPC-VT-47, Wave Soldering.

 Surface Mount Processing

IPC-DVD-SMT-CK, Surface Mount Solder Joint Workmanship Standards with Training Certification and IPC-DVD-PTH-C-K Through-hole Solder Joint Workmanship Standards with Training Certification means you can now train your operators and inspectors in the critical solder joint requirements from IPC-A-610C / J-STD-001C, using the latest DVD instructional technology.
As with through-hole IPC-VT-33 offers an Introduction to Surface Mount Assembly. An informative video providing basic theories and practices.

Ensure a full understanding of the SMT process with videos: IPC-VT-39, Component Placement, IPC-VT-34/35 on Solder Paste Printing, Defect and Analysis. Plus a detailed look at reflow soldering (IPC-VT-20) plus adhesive applications (IPC-VT-51)

 Wire Harness Assembly

Training using IPC-VT-56, Wire Harness Assembly Methods, IPC-VT-58, Introduction to Wire Crimping and IPC-VT-59, Wire Preparation is the perfect preparation for new operators and engineers and accompanied by the popular IPC-A-620, Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies, ensure that your workforce is fully trained with the most up to date methods and standards.
Now all the most important procedures, criteria and principles on wire preparation and crimping are available in a handy desk reference manual IPC-DRM-56 (Preview Table of Contents 868Kb), Wire Preparation and Crimping.

 Image Resources

Training support with clip art and photographs from IPC-A-610 and from IPC-DRM-SMT are available as high resolution TIF's on CD Rom plus a slide set and photo CD for component identification.

These are supported with slide sets on solder joint evaluation for through-hole or surface mount.

 Fibre Optics

Train and certify your operators in fiber optic cable assembly using DVD-65C. IPC-DVD-65C, Fibre Optics Assembly With Training Certification allows you to train and certify your operators in fiber optic cable assembly. Chapter 1 provides a visual introduction to fiber optic cable, common connectors, tools and safety considerations.
Chapter 2 details typical fiber optic cable assembly procedures - including stripping the outer jacket and buffer, preparing and injecting epoxy into the connector, crimping the connector onto the cable and cleaving the cable.

Chapter 3 demonstrates connector polishing and industry acceptance criteria for the final product.

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