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These are the most popular IPC training materials including videos, CD's DVD's, desk reference manuals and inspection sheets / posters which Dynamix Technology Ltd are selling, and by inference are the essentials! Make sure that you have these in your training library.

To preview any of the following items click here.
Alternatively click on the link if there is one that already exists.

IPC-DRM-SMT Surface Mount Solder Joint Evaluation Desk Reference Manual
IPC-DRM-40 Through-hole Solder Joint Evaluation Desk Reference Manual
IPC-DVD-49C Seven Sins of Hand Soldering with Certification
IPC-DVD-64C Component Identification Training with Certification
IPC-VT-42/43C Hand Soldering for Through-Hole Components with Certification
IPC-DVD-SMT-C Surface Mount Solder Joint Workmanship Standards with Training Certification
IPC-DVD-PTH-C-K Through-Hole Solder Joint Workmanship Standards with Training Certification
IPC-VT-53 Overview of Electronics Assembly
IPC-DRM-56 Wire Preparation and Crimping Desk Reference Manual
IPC-PSMTS Class 2 or 3 Surface Mount Inspection Sheets

Bubbling under!

These documents will soon be in the charts.

IPC-VT-54C Electrostatic Discharge Control for Operators with Certification
IPC-DRM-53 Introduction to Electronic Assembly Desk Reference Manual
IPC-PTHS Class 2 or 3 Through-Hole Inspection sheets / posters
IPC-VT-33 Introduction to Surface Mount Assembly
IPC-DVD-66 General Safety in Electronics Assembly with Certification
IPC-VT-34/35 Solder Paste Printing and Solder Paste Printing - Defect Analysis and Prevention
IPC-VT-56 Wire Harness Assembly Methods
IPC-VT-58 Introduction to Wire Crimping
IPC-VT-59 Wire Preparation Training Program
IPC-VT-14 Hand Soldering terminals

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