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Below are some of the latest electronics manufacturing publications now available from Dynamix Technology.

 Proof of Design (POD)
The DFM/CE Book for Printed Circuit Boards, Assemblies and All Manner of Other Things Technical
- by Earl Moon

Revision 3 of this eBook (it comes on CD-Rom, in MS Word 97 format) provides more detailed supplier evaluation/qualification guidelines, checklists, procedures, and requirements.

It includes PCB/PCBA Operational information, Manufacturing Operations Procedures, Failure Analysis information, requirements, and details.

It has a complete section on Lean Manufacturing plus much more Design for Manufacture/Concurrent Engineering and other vital information for those needing/wishing/wanting/desiring to manage processes instead of reacting to results as poor quality and reliability.

Product without DFM/CE

Product with DFM/CE
FORWARD (advance or move positively in one direction or never move backward - or never do it over or never effect defect and have to correct it): This book is about doing it right the first time, on time, every time, at the lowest cost. This simply is done by managing processes instead of results.
  • Though this E-book focuses mostly on electronics, with printed circuitry at its core, all the principles apply to all applications whether telecommunications, automotive, medical, military, aerospace, or whatever product demanding quality and reliability.

  • This book is designed to be used any way one sees fit. if you need to use any information herein simply copy and paste it into your documents or processes.

Earl Moon (The MoonMan) is a professional mechanical engineer with a long history dedicated to the pcb and associated electronics industry. With a very extensive education and knowledge in design, process development, new product development, and manufacturing support, he has hands on experience concerning every phase of pcb fabrication and assembly. He has worked directly and consulted with some of the largest companies in the USA. He has over thirty years experience in the electronics industry in aerospace, military, and commercial environments. The MoonMan has worked and consulted in areas from designing very complex and high density interconnect systems to ensuring their acceptance by customers world-wide. He is deeply involved in multilayer printed circuitry and high reliability SMT assemblies. The MoonMan has written and lectured on every facet of the electronics packaging industry. He is one of the most outspoken advocates of design for manufacturing (DFM), and all it encompasses as design for test and cost, etc. As such he recognizes and teaches that DFM is not possible without concurrent engineering (CE). To this end, he has written this eBook.

  • Purpose, scope, and introduction
  • Warm-up section with MoonMan articles and some humor
  • Where the fugarwe, and does it really matter?
  • Humble beginings for the MoonMan and his transformation
  • Freedom to go where and do as I choose - were it not for rules
  • Printed circuit board fabrication basics - an outline
  • Multilayer board (MLB) constructions for highest laminate integrity, dimensional stability, and electrical performance
  • Just a little BGA rework or, better, repair - if you please
  • HASL - what a hassle, or HASL'd again
  • Responsibilities and authority
  • Quality system and design process requirements/elements
  • DFM/CE design phases
  • Review phases and check lists
  • Component and other supplier evaluation & qualification review phase and check list
  • Components and component suppliers
  • Pcb fabrication capabilities
  • Pcb assembly capabilities
  • In circuit test (ICT) - ICT electrical test guidelines
  • Pcb design review phase and check list (pre and post-cad routing)
  • DFM/CE team
  • Component and pcb related considerations and requirements
  • Pcb physical characteristics and considerations
  • Pcb materials
  • Quality conformance test circuitry and individual coupon test requirements
  • MLB constructions and other MLB considerations
  • Trace, space, circuit plating/coating considerations and requirements
  • Solder mask, marking, solderability, ESD/EOS, MSD, and cleanliness requirements
  • Test considerations and requirements
  • Documentation requirements
  • POD printed circuit board (pcb) design, pcbf, pcba, quality conformance & test DFM/CE check lists
  • Summary
  • The future for you, me, and the book

This book has a unique (some might say irreverent) style, but the content is hard hitting and exceptional.

Price £58.00 Buy: Proof of Design (POD) - The DFM / CE Book for all Printed Circuit Boards, Assemblies and all Manner of Other Things Technical

N.B. Price may change depending on US exchange rate

 BGA & Fine Pitch Peripheral Interconnections: Handbook of Technology and Applications for Microelectronics/Electronics Manufacturing
Jennie Hwang
Febuary 1995
Dynamix Technology comment:
Perhaps the Lau is better on BGA, but Hwang certainly knows her stuff when it comes to soldering.

Price £96.00 Buy: BGA & Fine Pitch Peripheral Interconnections: Handbook of Technology and Applications for Microelectronics/Electronics Manufacturing

 Soldering in Electronics

R. J. Klein Wassink
December 1989
Dynamix Technology comment:
An essential! It may seem a bit old in this rapidly changing technology, but the principles are all there, and they never change. Buy it!

Price £121.00 Buy: Soldering in Electronics

 Scientific Guide to Surface Mount Technology

Colin Lea
December 1988
Dynamix Technology comment:
An essential! Dr Lea's comprehensive text.

Price £105.00 Buy: Scientific Guide to Surface Mount Technology

 After CFC's:Options for Cleaning Electronic Assemblies

Colin Lea
January 1992
Dynamix Technology comment:
Colin Lea was awarded an OBE for his work in protecting the ozone layer.

Price £103.00 Buy: After CFC's:Options for Cleaning Electronic Assemblies

 Handbook of Printed Circuit Design, Manufacture, Components and Assembly

Giovanni Leonida
July 1981
Dynamix Technology comment:
Invaluable reference book for all aspects of the technology, despite its age. We believe that this, with the Wassink book (see below) is the best selling book ever from this publisher.

Price £95.00 Buy: Handbook of Printed Circuit Design, Manufacture, Components and Assembly

 Flexible Circuit Technology
Book cover
Joseph Fjelstad
Dynamix Technology comment:
Flexible circuits are becoming more popular and this book takes you through all the benefits. It is of use to a novice as well as the more experienced engineer.

Price £96.00 Buy: Flexible Circuit Technology

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