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From time to time new standard amendments, reports and papers are released. These include IPC standard amendments, SMEMA Council Papers and GenCam standards. These can now be downloaded FREE below.

All the downloads require Acrobat Reader click here to download the latest version

IPC Specification Tree

Using this guide you can ensure that you have all the specifications you need.
Download IPC specification tree ( 10Kb)

J-STD-001D Errata List 
IPC-A-610D Errata List 

This is a list of reported errata to the printed copies of J-STD-001D and IPC-A-610D. Pen and ink changes should be made in accordance with your company's document control policies.
IPC-A-610C Amendment 1

November 2001
The first amendment for Revision C has now been released
Download IPC-A-610C Amendment 1( 64Kb)
Preview IPC-A-610 Revision C
J-STD-001C-CS, Space Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum

Published January 2004
Download J-STD-001C-CS ( 171Kb)
Preview J-STD-001C
IPC-SM-840C Amendment 1 Qualification and Performance of Permanent Solder Mask

IPC-SM-840C Amendment 1 prescribes qualification and performance requirements of permanent solder mask. Amendment 1 addresses Telcordia Technologies' (formerly Bellcore's) position towards this standard. It calls out newly revised test methods and updated requirements for formulation change.
Download IPC-SM-840C Amendment 1 ( 24Kb)
Preview IPC-SM-840C
IPC-1331 Voluntary Safety Standard for Electrically Heated Process Equipment

This voluntary standard establishes minimum requirements for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of electrically heated process equipment in order to minimize electrical hazards and prevent fires that may occur in combustible tanks, tank liners and drying equipment.
Download IPC-1331 ( 102Kb)
IPC 2221 Amendment 1 Generic Standard on Printed Board Design

The January 2000 release of Amendment 1 for the IPC-2221 standard provides expanded coverage of plated-through hole test specimens in addition to a new test specimen for the purpose of evaluating bending flexibility and endurance for flexible printed wiring applications. This amendment also includes updated figures for etched conductor characteristics and printed board size standardisation.
Download IPC-2221 Amendment 1 ( 125Kb)
Preview IPC-2220 Series
IPC-2524 PWB Fabrication Data Quality Rating System

This document describes a PWB fabrication data quality rating system used by fabricators to evaluate the incoming data package integrity. Includes information on conformance to both fabricator and customer design rules and can be used by printed board designers as an output quality check.
Download IPC-2524 ( 193Kb)
IPC-6012A Amendment 1 Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards

It's here! Amendment 1 for the IPC-6012A includes updating of the plating requirements for electrodeposited copper, as well as corrections to specifications for metal core printed boards following industry use of IPC-6012A. Corrections have also been made for the tables highlighting internal layer thickness as well as external conductor thickness after plating.
Download IPC-6012A, Amendment 1 ( 20Kb)
Preview IPC-6012A
IPC-6013 Amendment 1 Qualification and Performance Specification for Flexible Printed Boards

The repairs have been made, and it's ready to roll. IPC-6013, Amendment 1, includes corrections noticed by industry following the publication and regular use of IPC-6013. In addition to technical changes to the requirements in Section 3, the qualification and conformance testing, sampling plan, acceptance testing and qualification tables have been updated. Just like IPC-6012, Appendix 1 now serves as a requirements cross reference.
Download IPC-6013, Amendment 1 ( 62Kb)
Preview IPC-6013
IPC Position Paper: Transitioning from MIL-P-50884C and MIL-PRF-31032 to IPC-6013 and Amendment 1

Developed and approved for distribution by the IPC Flexible Circuits Committee, this position paper serves as a guide for manufacturers and OEMs in transitioning from MIL-P-50884C and MIL-PRF-31032 to IPC-6013 and Amendment 1.
The position paper offers a history of military specifications, from their overall development to the initiation of the Perry Initiative and Acquisition Reform. Also included in this document is a guide for implementing a Single Process Initiative (SPI), made available by the Department of the Navy (DoN).
Click here ( 330Kb) to download the position paper.

IPC-7711/7721 Rework, Repair and Modification of Printed Boards and Electronic Assemblies

IPC-7771 Change 1 includes: (1) Updates to clause 1.2.1, Procedures 2.1A Handling Electronic Assemblies, 3.1.1A Continuous Vacuum Method and 5.5.1A Multi-Lead Method - Top of Lead (2) New clause 1.9.9, New Procedures Through Hole Desoldering 3.1.2 Continuous Vacuum Method - Partial Clinch, 3.1.3 Continuous Vacuum Method - Full Clinch, 3.1.4 Full Clinch Straightening Method, 3.1.5 Full Clinch Wicking Method, Chip Installation 5.3.2 Point to Point Method and BGA Reballing Procedure 5.7.3.

IPC-7721 Change 1 includes updates to Procedures 4.2.1 Conductor Repair, Foil Jumper, Epoxsy Method and 4.2.5 Conductor Repair Through Board Wire Method. New Procedures have been added; 6.1 Jumper Wires and 6.2.1 Jumper Wires, BGA Components, Foil Jumper Method.
IPC-7721 Change 2 includes new 6.3 Component Modifications and Additions.
Updated Table of Contents pages and Acknowledgement pages are also included.
Download IPC-7711 Change 1( 703Kb)
Download IPC-7721 Change 1 ( 718Kb)
Download IPC-7721 Change 2 ( 138Kb)

Preview IPC-7711/7721
IPC-9151, Printed Board Process, Capability, Quality and Relative Reliability (PCQR2) Benchmark Test Standard and Database

Many printed circuit board users have developed internal processes to evaluate the capabilities of their printed circuit board fabricators. Fabricators often receive multiple requests from multiple customers to manufacture test panels as part of qualification procedures.

The PCQR2 process provides an industry standard for the design of these benchmark process capability test panels. The data resulting from this process provides database subscribers with the ability to review detailed results from individual fabricators, and to compare the capabilities of multiple fabricators across the industry.

This document describes this process for evaluating the manufacturing capability of key attributes specified in the design and acceptability standards controlled by IPC.
Download IPC-9151(IPC-9151 135Kb)

IPC SMEMA Council is made up of suppliers to the electronics assemblers, particularly equipment manufacturers. It initiates and drives technical, managerial, and financial programs to enhance the working relationships and equipment compatibility within the electronics assembly industry.
SMEMA 1.2 Mechanical Equipment Interface Standard ( 74Kb)
The SMEMA machine interface standards were developed to facilitate the interface of equipment used in the manufacture of surface-mounted printed circuit boards. This standard is for Mechanical interfaces.

SMEMA 3.1 Fiducial Mark Standard
This SMEMA standard is for fiducial marks. It was developed to facilitate the accurate placement of components on printed circuit boards. ( 27Kb)

SMEMA 4 Reflow Terms and Definitions ( 15Kb)

SMEMA 5 Screen Printing Terms and Definitions ( 16Kb)

SMEMA 6 Electronics Cleaning Terms and Definitions (as they relate to printed circuit assembly cleaning) ( 28Kb)

SMEMA 7 Fluid Dispensing Terms and Definitions ( 21Kb)
This document is intended to clarify terms used in the area of fluid dispensing. As is often the case, different terms are used by different manufacturers to convey a similar meaning. Common interchangeable terms are shown in parenthesis and the reader should not infer one term is preferred over the other.

SMEMA Standard Recipe File Format Specification ( 372Kb)
The purpose of this specification is to outline the requirements that an SRFF file must meet. The specification describes the file format, outlines the file sections, and indicates how data should be represented through objects. Objects can either be vendor independent (generic objects defined in this document) or vendor specific objects (objects created by a vendor). This document also includes error codes that should be used to report specific information about improperly constructed files. General guidelines for producing an SRFF file and vendor specific objects are also included.
GenCAM Standards Available for Download

GenCAM is documented in IPC-2511A and a series of seven major sectional standards. These are identified as IPC-2510 series. All seven sectional standards, numbered IPC-2512A through IPC-2518A, were released in November 2000. All of the documents can be FREE downloaded here. Additional information is available by accessing the GenCAM website at www.gencam.org. This exciting standardised format is user friendly, easy to read, machine independent, cost competitive and updateable.

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